It all began as a way for friends and family to keep in touch with each other and answer the question, “what are you doing?” Today however, Twitter has grown in versatile and creative ways.

Interesting Uses of Twitter

Emergencies: Twitter keeps users informed of notifications and tweets in real time. Tweets from the social network can be received and sent from cellular phones and this makes it easier to stay informed and connected even when you are on the move. The value of this chirpy social media site has been realized and acknowledged during emergencies when it is crucial to keep people informed. The Red Cross has a Twitter account and uses it to keep the public informed of disasters and emergencies. Twitter provides just the right resources to keep people informed during times of emergencies. It can provide local information as well as national information in real time.

Promotions:  Twitter was just used in Season XIII of American Idol live premiere event to create a buzz about the new season.  How did they do it?  By allowing selected viewer to attend a pre-screening of the first episode while allowing twitter questions of Ryan Secreast, JLo, Keith Urban and Harry Connick Jr to via #AskIdol.  Was it successful….YES.  It got the conversation started about the new season.

Small Businesses: Unlike what most people may thing it isn’t just online businesses that find the Twitter to be a real treasure trove, small local businesses have also opened up to using Twitter. Some businesses keep their customers notified of offers and also provide information related to the status of orders. While others are even willing to share phone numbers for other related businesses.

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Your Inner Entrepreneur Series


Blogging can be a fun and creative process for anyone who wants to express themselves. It is no wonder that everyone from teenagers to grandmas seem to have their own blog. Now, if you want to make money from your blogs, it is a whole new ball game. Blogging can bring in a steady stream of income to support a blogger and could even with some luck and hard work have the potential to help you retire from your J O B.  Is it as easy as posting a few articles…. HECK NO.

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Can LinkedIn Help My Career? And How?

What Can LinkedIn Do for Me? LinkedIn is a social network that focuses on professional connections and contacts. As a LinkedIn user you can keep up with your connections and build a network of contacts that previously were far beyond your reach.  In this competitive job market,  networking  is key. It is not surprising that […]

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Don’t Miss the Boat. Statistics Show Business’ Need Social Networks

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Working from Home- The Answer to Recession?

Your neighbor just lost his job and you are worried if you might lose yours. Suddenly the prospect of not making your mortgage and your bills seems like a frightening reality. Irrespective of where you live and work, these are difficult times of recession, and we are all affected. The unemployment rate is on an […]

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How to Write Articles for the Mainstream

You may hear a lot of SEO and internet experts say, “content is king”.  This is one of the basic truths of the internet. After all internet users are online because they seek information of some kind or the other. The internet is the ultimate place to look for information of all kinds, from tips […]

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