Social Media Mobilized…. Is 80% of Twitter Use from Mobile Devices?

phone boothWhat happened to the phone booth?  When you had to talk to someone to tell them something while you were out you used the phone booth.  Now social media sites help people connect and communicate.   However, did you ever think you could stay connected virtually anytime and everywhere you go?  The fact that we can use mobile devices when we are on the move away from your computer to share real time experiences and interact on social media makes this a powerful medium.

More and more social media users, “Tweeple” are using mobile devices to tweet.  There are some Twitter users who claim that 80% of Twitter use is on mobile devices. While such claims may not be substantiated by hard data they come pretty close to how the world of social networking is evolving. According to ComScore, a leader in digital data measurements, Twitter has experienced a phenomenon growth with users being able to tweet on their mobile devices. In fact, Twitter saw an increase of 347% in the last year. This includes both tweets through computers and mobile devices. Social networking services through mobile devices are used by over 6 million users. ComScore also revealed that mobile social networking was up by 4.6% since last year and that this was to a large extent driven by smartphone users. It is calculated that 30.8% of smartphone users utilize social mobile networking.

Socialized + Mobile = Mobilized  Is your target market mobilized?

In a recent survey by Nielsen Company showed that only 7% of teenagers access social media via their mobile phone. The 18-24 years age group accounts for 16% usage.  Interestingly the numbers increase with age with 34% in the 25-34 age group and 36% of users fall in the 35-54 years of age category. Thus, it is clear that a large portion of adults prefer to stay connected through the mobile social network. The survey also revealed that more women tend to use mobile social networks (55% as compared to 45% men).

So your potential customers are mobile.  What does this mean to your business?

For businesses this development in social networking means that they can take their marketing skills to a whole new level. Businesses can send out messages to offer great deals and incentives, offer advice and tips on use of their products and services and get a real time understanding of their audience. It also means that customer feedback and service can now be more efficient and timely than ever before.

Businesses can use mobile social networking in myriad ways. A dry cleaning service can send out tweets when orders are ready, restaurants can keep customers updated on reservations and waiting time, in real time. Are you creative and innovative? For those who are the opportunities that lie before businesses that are willing to invest in social media are unlimited.

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